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Extending Our Hands Since 2008!

Unstoppable Extended Hands is a nonprofit, charitable organization working to uplift others! We are committed and dedicated to empowering underserved individuals by providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in their education to reach their full potential.

For almost 15 years, Unstoppable Extended Hands has worked hard to assist over 500 students and families within the communities of St. Louis, MO, and Chicago, IL with essential items and resources to ensure each person can succeed the way they envision!



Unstoppable Extended Hands (UEH) has added value to so many lives..


Check Out the Vendors Who Have Supported Us

Unstoppable Extended Hands has undergone many giveaway ventures and activities where we have provided students and families with essential items during our Christmas in July, Toy Giveaways, and Self-Care Kits. These business owners and businesses have supported UEH with extended hands! Make sure to check them out and show them the same support! 

Contact Us for Volunteer Opportunities

Unstoppable Extended Hands is always looking for an extended hand! Are you looking for a way to give back to your community? Contact us today to learn more about how you can volunteer during our next event!

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